At St. Patrick’s we believe that we should be good citizens in the community that we live in. We should live out our Christian values and people should know that we belong to a Faith community by our actions of love and respect for others. St. Francis once said, “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words”. This means that our actions sometimes speak louder than our words.

community1 In school, we talk about how we should respect others. We created a Children’s Charter which is like an agreement with our local community. We have agreed that when we go into local shops, parks and other facilities, we will show respect and have good manners. We might be recognised for our actions and receive a sticker saying that we are Good Citizens. Back at school, we are then rewarded with House Points.
So, come on! Do your bit and become a St.Patrick’s Community Champion! community2


As a Dementia Friendly school, we share good relationships with The Halcyon Centre, The Hub and Mandale Nursing Home which all care and provide services for the elderly.