“I am with you always close by, ready to help. Yes, forever until the end of time…”
Humans gather in groups. In our Catholic faith, we believe that we are One Body with Christ and we belong to God the Father. We want our children to appreciate a sense of belonging to the parish community too. We want our children to  say “I belong”. As a catholic community we also believe that family and community is vital in building God’s Kingdom so our children prepare for the sacraments alongside parents and with the parish community. This is called family catechesis. Family catechesis, or preparation, is not just for children but parents too. In family catechesis, adults as well as children, work, learn and pray together. They share their faith with each other and with other families.
The preparation programme we follow is called “I belong”.

Here are the dates for the preparation programme.

25th January 2024- Introduction Meeting for Parents and children

Date Theme Who should attend
22/02/24 In the Name of the Father (names)

  • Old Testament: Adam names animals; New Testament: naming of Jesus (Annunciation and Baptism)
  • Church: my Baptism; Everyday Life (being a beloved child)
Parents and Children
07/03/24 This is the Word of the Lord

  • OT: call of Samuel; NT: Nativity
  • Church: Liturgy of the Word; Everyday Life (activities)
Children only

Parents to Collect at  4.15pm

14/03/24 Glory to God in the Highest

  • OT: Moses & burning bush; NT: angelic host at Nativity
  • Church: Gloria; Everyday Life (various activities)
Children only

Parents to Collect at  4.15pm

18/04/24 Lord have Mercy

  • OT: snake in Eden/God’s promise; NT: Prodigal Son
  • Church (penitential rite); Everyday Life (showing mercy)
Parents and Children
25/04/24 Bread to Offer

  • OT: manna in desert; NT: miracle of loaves and fishes
  • Church: includes definition of vessels; Everyday Life (activities)
Children only

Parents to Collect at  4.15pm

First Reconciliation In Church

Friday 26th April at 10.00am

9/05/24 Fruit of the Vine

  • OT: Isaiah’s song of the vineyard; NT: Wedding feast at Cana
  • Church: Eucharist & past, present, future; Everyday Life (activities)
Parents and Children
23/05/24 Do this in Memory of Me

  • OT: Passover; NT: Last Supper
  • Church: Take and eat …; Everyday Life: fed and empowered
Parents and Children
6/07/24 Body of Christ

  • NT (only): Mary & the ‘Gardener’; 2 friends & the ‘Stranger’
  • Church: Consecration; Everyday Life (we are the Body of Christ)
Parents and Children
13/07/24 To Love and to Serve

  • OT: Joshua and Promised Land; NT: the risen Jesus and the fishermen
  • Church:  Everyday Life (activities)
Parents and Children

First Holy Communion Dates

Sunday 16th June at 11am

Sunday 23rd June at 11am