Beyond the Classroom

One of St. Patricks’s many strengths is the extra-curricular programme that helps pupils develop their passions and talents, as well as building valuable life skills.

Children in school have the opportunity to participate in a great range of extra-curricular clubs, including sports, chess and dance. They also have the opportunity to attend residentials such as Carlton, Skiing and Holland.

By offering such a range of activities beyond the classroom at such a young age, we believe pupils will build the key skills critical to success in other areas of school.

How to book my child onto an enrichment programme?

Each half-term our enrichment programme and extra-curricular opportunities are shared with parents through electronic newsletters. Parents and carers simply need to book places on the Arbor Parent Portal. Any problems, as always, just contact the office.

Our extra-curricular programme

On different days throughout the year, pupils can enjoy a bespoke carousel of activities. These include:

  • Multi-sports
  • Football
  • School Council
  • Eco-Warriors
  • Mini-Vinnies
  • Chaplains
  • Choir
  • Dance Fusion
  • Urban Kaos
  • Art
  • Netball

By offering such a diverse extra-curricular programme as part of the curriculum, we further enhance the personal development of our pupils and create a vibrant learning culture.

These clubs give our pupils the chance to further their passions and drive their skills to the next level.

The range of opportunities here at our school is fantastic and we truly believe there is something for everyone to to enjoy; this is all part of our mission to meet the interests and needs of each of our pupils.

They provide an opportunity to mix, socialise and collaborate with children in different year groups, often enhancing teamwork and leadership skills, with the main emphasis upon enjoyment and fun.