Admission to St Patrick’s School

We will normally accept all baptised Roman Catholic children living within the catchment area of St. Patrick’s Parish into school. Infant class size will be no more than 30, and the school’s standard number is 50.

The catchment area matches the Parish of St Patrick’s, which has Millbank lane, part of Thornaby Road and Teesdale Park as it’s boundaries.

To see our current Admissions Policy please refer to the school office or check the school website:


If a child is refused admission, parents are permitted to appeal against the decision. Details are included in the Admissions Policy.

Please note for admissions into school for September 2020:

· The admission authority for the school must allow parents at least 20 days to
appeal from when the decision letters are sent out
· The admission authority will submit a deadline (19th May 2020) for submitting your appeal.
· If you submit anything after the deadline, it might not be considered and may
result in delays to your hearing
· Appeals should be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for making an appeal
· An independent panel will hear appeals during June and July 2020

Children transfer from Nursery to Main School in the September or January before the child’s 5th birthday.

Nursery Admission

St Patrick’s Nursery admits children shortly after their 3rd birthday, whenever possible. Baptised Catholic children will always be given first priority for admittance, but non-Catholic children, or children of parents who wish their child to gain from our Nursery ethos, may be considered, in the same order as our School Admission Policy. Admission to Nursery does not automatically guarantee admission into School.

We have an excellent Nursery team, who liaise closely with school staff to give the children the best possible preparation for entering primary school.