Keep in step with the Holy Spirit!

Here at St.Patrick’s, we encourage one another to grow more like Jesus and to try and See Jesus in one another and Be Jesus for others. St.Paul tells us about the fruits that the Holy Spirit gives us:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control;” Galatians 5:22

Jesus wants all of us to have these qualities and show them each and every day. At St.Patrick’s we have our “Fruits of the Spirit” stickers. If we show one of these fruits to others, we are awarded with that particular fruit sticker- 9 of them to collect! It’s not just the adults who award the stickers but children can nominate each other too. All these fruits helps to make St.Patrick’s such a wonderful place to learn and grow!

strawberry Love

Strawberries are thought to be the fruit of love. Show that you love God and your neighbours-even when sometimes it may be difficult to love those that have upset you.

watermelon Peace

Watermelon – you can’t eat a whole one but you can have a “piece.” Show peace to those around you. When you do something wrong, say sorry and if people say sorry to you- forgive them also. This will all help to bring peace into our world.

blackberries Faithfulness

Blackberries are a hardy fruit and will grow even in the thorniest of hedgerows! When you are faithful to God, you become a child of God. When you are faithful to friends and family, you become someone who they can rely on trust.

orange Joy

Oranges are bright and cheerful. Be happy in all that you do and bring happiness to others- make them proud of you. Pope Francis wants everybody to be happy and bring joy to others. Remember to always be thankful for what you have.

banana Goodness

Bananas have been voted as the country’s favourite fruit. Always try and do good for others as well as seeing the good in others.

peach Gentleness

Peaches are soft and gentle. Always try to say and do gentle things at home and at school. Always have gentle hands and words to others.

lemon Patience

You can’t eat a lemon quickly! Wait patiently for people and things- good things always come to those who wait. Don’t be grumpy and bad tempered with your friends and family.

apple Self-Control

Apples were the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden – Eve didn’t have enough self-control. Always try to behave well and stay on the right path, even though it might be difficult to do at times.

grape Kindness

Grapes are many on a vine and can be easily shared with others. Be kind and share the things that you have with others- especially our brothers and sisters around the world that are not as fortunate as us.