Fr. Pat O’Neil is our School Chaplain. However, we have a Chaplaincy Network consisting of a team of teaching staff, children, governors and parishioners who look after the pastoral needs of the school community.

  • To support the school in emphasising its spirituality and catholicity as set out in the school’s mission statement.
  • To support and encourage the school’s pastoral care for the whole school, pupils, staff and parents/carers
  • To support teachers to promote, plan and organise the celebrations of liturgies and co-operate with others in continuing to develop the school as a Christian community.
  • To assist in developing an awareness amongst potential school leavers about the provision of chaplaincy at secondary school.


CHAPLAINCY AIMS Chaplaincy is a pastoral role within primary schools. This includes: • Being part of the school community, but set apart from staff.

  • Being a listening ear within the school community where children have a safe space to share their thoughts and concerns.
  • Supporting the school in its delivery of spirituality, worship and prayer with a particular emphasis on Christianity.
  • Enhancing the pastoral care structure of the school to enable it to meet the needs of its community.
  • Working in other areas of the school community as need and opportunity arises and as skills and expertise allow.
  • Offering opportunities to explore personal and Christian belief and values

MEET THE TEAM Our team bring lots of different skills and experiences with them- prayer and worship, music ministry, youth and parish work, education and mental well-being.

Some of our class chaplains working with chaplains at St.Patrick’s College producing a piece of religious art for our parishioners.