Eco and global curriculum

St Patrick’s has been a green flag eco school since 2006!Β  We have continued to work extremely hard to ensure that we are continuously developing our Eco and Global curriculum. We were last awarded our Green Flag in the Summer of 2018.


Our aim is for all children to recognise themselves as stewards of the earth. Global citizens where they believe that they can all contribute to the sustainability, looking after, changing and improving our world. We want children to take pleasure when learning about local, national and global issues and use their voices to make a change.Β  Global goals and the 10 areas of eco schools are incorporated into all areas of the curriculum.Β  We believe that our children have the passion and ability to raise issues and campaigns, take part in local, national and global projects that can make a difference.Β 

Eco school and Global Action plan 2020

Eco code 2020

Eco’s in action!