The children in Nursery have been listening to the story of Pentecost. We had a red day to celebrate Jesus as the Holy Spirit. The children played in the Red water, helped to make Red play dough and also enjoyed tasting red sandwiches. The children made a hat with the flame to be one of Jesus’ friends.



The children have been learning about Volcanoes in Nursery. They have really enjoyed making small Volcanoes and also doing a science experiment to watch a Volcano EXPLODE!


Easter Celebrations in Nursery

The children brought flowers in to decorate the cross for Easter. We read the story and talked about the ‘Good News – Jesus was ALIVE’.


Gym Jo

The children love going to the hall and having Gym Jo. They all take their shoes and socks off and take part in a variety of gymnastic skills. They include rolling, balancing and jumping. The children have lots of fun!


We have loved learning about the circus!

Balancing like an acrobat!

Picking up heavy weights like a strongman!

Practising our mark making skills using the big top!

Swooshing ribbons like dancers!

Making clown faces in our creative area!

Making a clown face pizza! YUMMY!

Having fun with friends in the big top!


Chinese New Year!


We had a wonderful day in nursery celebrating Chinese New Year – The year of the dog!

The children had the opportunity to taste some Chinese food, play some instruments, look at some Chinese paper fans, chopsticks and even a Chinese newspaper.


Autumn Term Liturgies in Nursery

The parents were invited to come and pray with the children. We talked about what we have on our Sacred Table and why we have these special objects. We lit the candle and shared the story of ‘The First Christmas’. The children sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and said the two school prayers.

The children are introduced to liturgies from an early age and help to prepare by adding our special objects to our prayer area. The children are shown the candle, cross and bible.

We talk to the children about the different coloured cloths and explain their meaning linked to the churches calendar. The children are encouraged to look at the pictures from the bible and say what they think is happening to Jesus. All children are encouraged to join their hands during prayer time and have a sense of ‘peace and calm’ within nursery.

The children are familiar with different objects on the sacred table. Inside this special box is a memory so they can look at themselves and remember they are a child of God.


Rhyme and number time.

Creating ‘5 little ducks went swimming one day’ for our rhyme and number of the week focus.  The children were looking at colours, feeling different textures and singing the rhyme as they worked together.

Fire Engine Visit.

The fire fighters from Thornaby fire station came into school to talk to the children in Foundation Stage about how important is is to stay safe around fire.

The children had the opportunity to listen to a fire safety talk, sit inside the fire engine and have a go at the water hose.

The children showed their understanding by talking about fire safety rules on Bonfire night.

Thank you to all of the fire fighters who visited our school.  It was a memorable visit for all of the children.

Magical Moments in the Snow!

We took the opportunity to play outside in the snow.  We were just writing our letters to Santa, when we looked out of the window and it was snowing!!

The Chocolate Muffin Tree By Nursery!

We were inspired by the Art work of Jackson Pollock and loved his ‘Chocolate Muffin Tree’ painting.  So, we decided to make our own version and we think it looks amazing!

Signs of baptism November 2017

Can you remember any of the special signs or gifts that we see in baptism?

Has had experience of baptism 22-36m

Can talk about what we see in a baptism 30-50m

We always feel welcome at home and school

My Mammy by Ella-Mae

My Daddy by Sebastian

Mrs Kennedy by Marley

My Teacher by Marcus

My Grandma by Connie

My Sister by Noah


Dinosaur adventures
The children are loving our topic all about dinosaurs!
They have been making paper plate stegosaurus, with spikes on their back. The children had to decide whether to give their dinosaurs’ long legs or short legs, long neck or short neck or long tail or short tail.

image002 image004


The children tasted broccoli! We found out that some dinosaurs only ate plants and they love trees!

image008 image010 image012

The children are enjoying bringing in their dinosaurs books and toys from home to share with their friends and teachers

image014  image016 image022  image020 image018

We have some investigations going on! Where are the dinosaurs? How many legs did they have?

How big were they?

image024 image026


Building a triceratops with big blocks! Fantastic work!


Marvellous Marks
The children have been practising writing the letter sounds they have learnt so far. They have done incredibly well.

‘Maisie mountain mountain’

‘around the apple and down the leaf’

‘down the tower across the tower’

‘down his body and dot of the head’

image022 image020 image018 image016 image014 image012 image010 image008 image006 image004 image002

Chinese New Year
Foundation Stage have celebrated ‘Chinese new year’.  Children in nursery and reception celebrated the year of the monkey by making monkey masks, tasting Chinese noodles, setting of fireworks on the iPad and making a dragon dance! All of the children and adults had a great time and we learned lots about a different culture.

newyear1   newyear2   newyear3 newyear4    newyear5

Mission Team came to visit Nursery!


We sang songs and had lots of fun


We went into the hall and listened to the story ‘The Rainbow Fish . We learnt that everything God created is very special, just like us!

mission4 mission3

Singing with Joe

The children enjoyed singing nursery rhymes with Joe Hammill.  We are looking forward to our next music session with him in the Spring term.


Hop and hoop challenge!

We set the children some challenges with hoops and bouncers.  How high can you bounce? How many times can you bounce up and down? Can you roll a hoop? Can you spin a hoop? Can you twist it around your tummy?

image013 image012 image010 image008 image015 image005

Animal Story

We had some special visitors in nursery. The children were learning all about how different animals move, see and smell.

image002 image004 image008 image006 image010 image012 image014 image016 image018 image020 image022 image024 image026 image028 image030  image032 image034  image036 image038  image040 image042



The children have been enjoying learning all about space.  We have shared the story of Whatever Next and had lots of fun pretending to fly to the moon in our movement and gymnastics sessions.  The children have been making rockets from recycled materials and are very proud of their models!