30th – Catholic Cup

An early rise for all of the staff, pupils and parents today as we were up and ready at school for 6:30 this morning to make our way down to Bridlington to compete in the annual Catholic Cup tournament for 21 consecutive years. With both our boys and girls representing St. Patrick’s in their brand new kits, there was sense of determination in the air to prove ourselves on the pitch. The Boys A team got off to a flying start, ensuring a 3-0 victory over local rivals: Christ the King. Throughout the group stages, the Girls and Boys B Team were unfortunate not to qualify with a win and a draw each. Despite this, Grace Campbell’s talents were recognised by a Catholic Cup scout and was given a personal award for her performance throughout the tournament. On top of this, the Boys A Team won 4 of their 5 games and were straight through to the knockout matches. In the quarter finals, our boys performed excellently, with a solid performance from everyone on the pitch. The final whistle blew and St Patrick’s qualified for the semi-finals with a 2-0 victory over St Benedict’s, with goals from Cooper Jared and Brooklyn Joyce (our tournament’s top scorer). Complications arose in the semi-finals and the boys found themselves in a nerve-wracking penalty shoot-out to send them straight to the final. However, with our super keeper in goal, we needn’t worry. Joey saved the first two penalties and scored the winner himself, and we found ourselves going through to the final after a comfortable 4-2 win over our rivals. Whispers of “It’s coming home” could be heard amongst the parents and staff as everyone gathered in anticipation for the final. The whistle blew and the match got under way. With end to end football, and a relatively evenly matched first half, St Pat’s were unlucky not to put any of their chances away and went into half time at 0-0 with an extremely solid defensive performance so far from Harrison Willis and Kieran Devine. As soon as the whistle blew for the second half, St Richard’s stole a goal as the ball was questionably kicked out of Joey’s hands and tapped into the corner. With not long to go, our boys needed a quick response and that is exactly what they did. Cooper managed to steal the ball in midfield, and with incredible strength, hold off two defenders and thread a pass through to Louie Meggison. Louie looked up and saw Brooklyn making another run towards the goal and placed the pass perfectly to his feet. Needless to say, Brook did the rest and effortlessly placed the ball in the bottom corner. Was the comeback on? With a minute to spare, and tensions high, Harrison picked the ball up in his own half, and his quick feet saw him turn in between two St Richard’s men, Brook found himself in space on the left wing, Harrison made the pass to him and sprinted into the box, Brook made the return back to Harrison with an unbelievable cross and he couldn’t have placed it any better – straight into the top corner, what a finish! With seconds to spare Kieran and Harrison were as strong as ever at the back and saw out the victory safely. The final whistle blew and that was it: St Patrick’s Boys – Champions of the Diocese! The long wait was over, 16 years of hurt, but it’s finally back where it belongs. Congratulations to the boys for bringing home the Catholic Cup once again – an accomplishment which they thoroughly deserve. Every single one them played their hearts out, represented St Patrick’s with pride and most importantly worked together as a team. Well done to all of St Patrick’s today, you were all a pleasure to watch. Thank you to the parents today also, for their company, sporting support, good company and laughter. We think an open top bus parade through Thornaby is in order!


24th – Holland

Every year, our Year 6 pupils are offered the opportunity to go on a school residential trip to Noordwijk – Holland. The children and staff set off from Teesside (sharing a runway with George Ezra!) where they embarked on a week they would never forget. It did not take long for the fun to start as we stopped off at the Den Haag Library and the Louwman Car Museum in Amsterdam. With a car collection of over 250, Mr Sherrington and Mr O’Donnell spent most of their time daydreaming about a possible future car upgrade, but the children were amazed at variety of cars on display. An original Mercedes-Benz from the 1880s, right up to the modern day F1 cars, and even a sneak-peek at one of James Bond’s Aston Martins – these were just some of the cars that were on display! After an exhausting day travelling and sight-seeing, we finally arrived in Noordwijk where we were met with a surprise visitor – Mr and Mrs Ryan (surely the children enjoyed this surprise?)! To celebrate, a trip to the beach was in order. A lovely evening blowing off some steam, we even met a few mermaids and finally managed to keep a few children still (only by burying them).

After much needed sleep and a hearty breakfast, we were ready for an exciting day out at Walibi World. Our Steady Eddies and our Fast and Furious groups split off into groups to squeeze in as much fun as they could in a day at the theme park. The Fast and Furious group really lived life in the fast lane after defeating Goliath and conquering the Rio Grande (Mr Ryan dares not to go on these anymore after last time), whist the Steady Eddies enjoyed themselves on Los Sombreros and the parks. A few children were maybe a little too daring after venturing onto the Terrifying Tomahawk (yes, this was all risk assessed!) and we all needed to cool down in the rapids and the log flumes to cool down. Seen as though we were already soaked, we could think of no better way to end the day – a water fight. Some children came back drenched, and some children and teachers handed some long awaited revenge with the water cannons! Time for a journey back to the hotel to chill out, fuel up, and watch some World Cup matches!

Lions, and tigers and bears, oh my! Today called for a journey to the zoo. After topping up the sun cream – we set off for a fun-filled day, and no doubt lots of frequent comparisons of Mr Conwell and the gorilla. Rotterdam’s Blidjorp Zoo had everything we could imagine: polar bears, giraffes, lions, zebras and meerkats (yes, there was quite a few impressions). Jackie set the standards high with his joke of the day competition “What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator!” only to be beaten by Caydee’s “Where do you find a dog with no legs? Right where you left it!” in an intense Twitter poll. Home time was very much needed and an evening in the games room was in order.

Our last full day today! First off, Ajax stadium. We know that it’s not quite the Riverside, but nonetheless, Ajax Stadium was an impressive sight. We like to think Ajax’s future summer transfer fees will be partly funded by St Patrick’s after a trip to their gift shop. Who knows?  They may even be after some of our Year 6s for their youth squad. After a flying visit to Ajax, we set off for the picturesque town of Volendam, a beautiful fishing village in the North of Holland. Fish and chips for lunch we think – it doesn’t get any better than this. Now, it looks like there’s time for one last journey to the beach to make the most of the scorching weather.  Tonight was the night Mr Ryan had been waiting for – bowling. After many claims that he was St Patrick’s undefeated champion, the children (and Mr Sherrington) set out to prove him wrong. The look on his face was priceless after being beaten, he now claims “Well no one would beat me at chess!”

Home today! I’m sure all of the parents are excited for their children’s return – but first, Duinrell! Surely we could squeeze in a quick trip to splash about in the water park? Children grabbed their dingies and flew around the rapids and plug hole slides at incredible speeds, surfed the wave machines and soaked their friends with the water guns. What a lovely last morning. We still had time to enjoy the pirate ships and the slides before heading off to the airport and get this lot home to their families!

What a wonderful week we had. Lots of schools ask why we take the children away. In many ways it’s hard to explain but I think these photos show better than words can. We have the privileged position to be part of these children’s lives and we have the chance to help create and share special memories. We don’t know what the future holds for ourselves or these children, but we do have the gift to shape the present and to give these children memories to take with them forever. We have the chance to help these children look back and know they were happy and that they were cared for. They will hopefully look back at their time at school and realise they achieved academically all they possibly could, but also realise that they developed as people and they learnt to share friendship and special moments with each other. Our memories and childhood experiences shape the people who we become. Childhood rushes far too quickly and we need to make sure we do all we can to hold on to it and to build special moments for the children together. We are truly grateful that our parents and governors share in these views and support us as they do. Thank you to the parents for bring up such wonderful children who are a pleasure to spend such a busy week with. We hope they enjoyed it and that they remember it forever.


21st – Tudor Exhibition at Durham University

Class 10 have been studying The Tudors. As part of their history topic, they took a trip to Durham University to further explore the 1500s and the monarchs and wars within this period exciting period. The day started off with the children acting as archaeologists by uncovering ancient artifacts and finding out their true purpose (some objects were over 500 years old!). We discovered sundials, cannonballs, coins, and Jane Seymour’s seal. After our discoveries, we had a go at writing in an authentic Tudor style using a pot of ink and a quill! The Tudor alphabet was difficult to get the hang of, and quite frankly Mr Sherrington needs to try harder next time, but we had so much fun. Later, we set off on a Tudor Time Trail, where we went back in time exploring the historic sites of Durham. We found original Tudor houses, castles, Tudor mills and bridges everywhere around the city. A brilliant day with brilliant children.

20th – Athletics Finals

Over the past few weeks, there have been a numerous amount of athletic competitions held for track and field events. Our first competition was on the 23rd of May where all of our school’s top athletes entered into the competition for a chance to represent St Patrick’s on the big stage. We had so many winners in such a variety of events (relays, sprints, triple jumps, throwing events and more), this meant that we had plenty of pupils through to the regional finals on June 12th to face a tougher competition.

The day arrived and our athletes were off to Middlesbrough Sports Village to compete against the victors from other schools in the region. After a fierce competition we were left with two competitors, Jackie Lee and Maisie Wright, who won both of their events and had been selected to compete in the County Finals – unbelievable. With a throw of almost 7 metres, Maisie ended up placing 3rd for the county in the chest push. a fantastic achievement Maisie. Well done to all of the other athletes who gave such a fantastic effort in the earlier rounds.

20th – Maths in Motion World Finals

Maths in Motion is an after-school activity where children get together every week to design and programme a race car. Extensive amounts of mathematical operations go into every feature of the race. The children have to work in groups to measure the angles and lengths of every straight and bend to decide what the safest maximum speed their car can approach these obstacles. The track distance and fuel is calculated, and their engine is tweaked to achieve the engine’s potential before the car is entered into the race.

Jackie, Evie, Tatenda and Daisy entered and got through the regional and national championships to qualify for the Maths in Motion World Finals. The finals consist of schools from all over the world, including China and Australia. After a very successful competition so far, the children arrived at the Riverside and connected to their computers to go live with all of the other world-wide competitors. The top secret track details were revealed and the team got to work, all the time under strict conditions which were being monitored live through a webcam.  After an hour and a half, their time was up and they entered their car into its final race. Unfortunately, one minor calculation error caused the car to run out of fuel halfway through the race. Despite this, the team still finished 11th in the world out of all primary schools – an outstanding accomplishment.

The way these children worked together was an incredible feat in itself. To watch them work together as part of a team, allocate work, adapt to situations, make important decisions and continue to have such a smile on their face (despite being under so much pressure) whilst doing so was incredible. It is no surprise to see why such brilliant, hard-working children are competing with secondary schools all over the world when it comes to performing in this competition.

Congratulations children!


13th – National Cycling Arena

A select few Year 6 children have been invited on a school trip to the National Cycling Centre in Manchester. The National Cycling Centre is used by professional athletes 7 days a week, even Team GB train there. The centre has an Olympic sized velodrome cycling track, and an international standard BMX arena. All around the arena were ex-professionals bikes – they looked extremely expensive! After exploring the centre, we headed on over to the BMX arena where there was a 5 metre hill – how on earth would we get down this? Fortunately, our instructor started us off on the basics as we sped up and down the ramps around the tracks: I think we were almost getting the hang of this. After a few practice laps, we journeyed up the starting ramp and began our race round the track. What a thrill! The children flew round the track looking absolutely fearless. A great day out with St Patrick’s and Christ the King children.


19th – Teesside University Animex Festival

This Saturday, a few fortunate St Patrick’s children took a trip to Teesside University to go to the Animex Festival. The Animex Festival is hosted every year and brings together some of the biggest names in animation and games developing to host a variety of activities, exhibitions, workshops and much more. Top games developers from all over the world come to Teesside to talk about their latest projects: some of the speakers have recently worked on huge titles such as Hercules, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Rio 2 and most recently Ferdinand.  It is a brilliant opportunity for our children to meet industry experts and see state-of-the-art technology in action.

19th – First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our Year 3 children who took their First Holy Communion this weekend. Your First Communion is the third of the Seven Sacraments (after baptism and confession) which we can receive that take us further through our journey with God. This is an important ceremony in which the children receive the Eucharist for their first time. It was brilliant to see the church, school, and family all come together as one to celebrate the children’s progress on such a wonderful journey.

13th – May Procession

May is the month of our Mother Mary. To show our devotion to Mary and honor her and mothers everywhere, St Patrick’s Church hosts a procession where the children walk gracefully through the church with hymns are sung to give thanks. Our crown bearer, Evie Webster, was chosen by class mates as they felt her qualities best represented Our Lady’s. It is the crown bearer’s duty to place the crown of flowers on the Statue of Our Lady.



3rd – Boys Football Tournament

Well done to our Year 3s and 4s who have participated in a football tournament at Stockton Sixth Form. Our boys are already looking like such brilliant footballers at such a young age. After a day of facing some difficult competition, St Patrick’s still managed to get 3rd place over all.

Congratulations boys, keep it up!



27th – Pizza Party!

Classes that achieved more than 97% attendance overall last term have been rewarded with an afternoon full of fun and food! To celebrate and encourage high attendance, classes with 97% or higher attendance have a a pizza party from Domino’s for recognising their commitments to school! Some classes just missed out so make sure next term we try to be off as little as possible!



26th – Choir Singing at North Tees

Mrs Simms and her unbelievably talented choir were once again making a difference in the community today. Our choir consists of 75 lovely children who all want to try to use their voices to bring joy to where ever they can. Some of our choir members were fortunate enough to be chosen to sing at North Tees Hospital in the Dementia Ward. The residents were overjoyed to have St Patrick’s spirit and voices fill the wards of the hospital. It was brilliant to see our pupils bringing smiles to so many faces.

Thank you St Patrick’s and Miss Simms.


1st – Happy Easter

Easter is the most important celebration to our faith as we remember that Jesus gave us the most important gift of all – his life – before resurrecting and ascending into heaven. To celebrate this, all of the classes have been working together to re-enact the story of Easter leading up to Christ’s crucifixion. The children displayed a beautiful interpretation of the story which was captivating to witness. As a school and community, it gives us joy to celebrate Christ being reborn and we are pleased to see our children not only learning his story, but rejoicing in his name.  

Happy Easter to all! 



23rd – Stay and Pray

To help guide us through out Lenten journey, St Patrick’s pupils have been hosting Stay and Pray liturgies to appreciate the sacrifices that Jesus, and one another, all make for the good of others during lent. Parents were welcomed into our school to share this journey with us. Throughout the liturgy we reflected on what we can do to become more like Jesus by focussing on how we can bring the Fruits of the Spirit into each other’s lives. Thank you parents for your support through this Easter time and please feel free to join Stay and Prays in the future.


23rd – Brain Tumour Awareness Day

Today we celebrated Brain Tumour Awareness Day. To raise awareness of such a terrible disease, children and staff wore a hat of their choice to help thinking about those affected by brain tumours. Thank you to the parents for your continued support.

21st – Climbing Wall, Fencing and Archery.

What an amazing outdoor experience St Patrick’s had today!

With the arrival of a climbing wall, fencing and archery equipment, we have had an amazing, fun-filled day. Classes 3-10 started their day with a nerve-wracking climb up the climbing wall with a few boys vs girl competitions to see how many could make it to the top. After the climbing wall the children ventured over to the archery: it seems we have a few Robin Hoods in the making judging by some of the shots. Finally the children blew off some steam with a brilliant fencing competition. All in all another brilliant day at St. Patrick’s.

En garde!


21st – World Down Syndrome Day

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day we have been helping raise awareness for what Down Syndrome is and what we can do to help. To raise money and change attitudes, we as many different socks as we could; brightly coloured, long socks, printed socks or even 1 sock. The different socks showed how unique everyone on this Earth is, and that being different is worth celebrating. Thank you everyone for coming together to support this cause.

12th – Carlton Residential

Our Year 4s took part in their first St Patrick’s residential trip. We visited Carlton this week for three days and two nights where the days were packed full of brilliant outdoor activities. A muddy few days put our children’s thinking skills to the test. They had to use their initiative, and both their personal and group skills to conquer a variety of challenges. Not only could our orienteering activities be exhausting, but we had to make sure we knew where we were going by reading our map! The team building exercises continued when we had to build a den using nothing but materials that could be found in the wild. Bed time was welcomed after a very tiring day as we needed to get some rest to start it all again tomorrow. As well as the orienteering and den building, our year 4s also went on a scary (but not too scary!) night walk and a bear hunt. A brilliant trip with brilliant children. Thank you.


10th – Skiing in Italy

The Year 5s have had the experience of a lifetime as they jetted off to Claviere, Italy, to enjoy a brilliant week away skiing. Despite the uncomfortable ski boots and a few falls, our children were determined to make the most of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get themselves back on their feet and persevere.

The hard work paid off! By the end of the week, all of the children made their way onto a scary ski lift which lifted them up to the peak of a mountain. How much their skiing ability developed was amazing, they ended up flying down blue and red slopes, one group even managed to brave a black (the hardest run you can do!).

When the days of skiing ended, the nights were filled with a range of brilliant activities; town trails, lantern lit walks, team quizzes, authentic Italian pizza nights, and even a snowmobile night trip back up the mountain to warm up with some lovely hot chocolate.

All in all, we could not have asked for a better trip. The children were not only brilliant at skiing, but their manners and behaviour was second to none. Thank you parents for raising such wonderful children which were a pleasure to take away for a week. We are glad we all came back in one piece.


2nd – Snow Days

After unfortunately having to close school for a few days, members of the school and community have rallied together to make sure the playground and walkways are safe for all children and family come Monday. Thank you to everyone who grabbed a shovel and helped!




28th – Sporting Successes

Where to begin with our St Patrick’s Sporting Successes this month?!

First of all, a massive congratulations is due to past pupil Lucy Staines who has been selected to train with England Football Team – an amazing achievement and we wish you all the best of luck in your future. Another past pupil, Harvey Fairburn, has been extremely successful by getting through to the final trials of Northern Rugby Team Yorkshire Carnegie – well done Harvey! Now on to our current students Annisa Crossan and Issabella Waldy by who have finished their Irish Dancing competition, the Kelly Hendry Feis, in Newcastle in the top 10 – congratulations girls!

23rd – CAFOD Family Fast Day

This Friday, as a school, we participated in a day of fasting so that we could appreciate how much we have at school and at home. Throughout the school we have been looking at people in parts of Africa, who are not as fortunate as we are, but still appreciate everything they have. Svondo, a child from Zimbabwe, was a brilliant example of a young child who was grateful for everything he had, even though he was not as lucky as us. In these parts of the world, children are not as fortunate to have access to footballs; some make them from paper and cello tape!

To raise awareness and money for people and families like Svondo, footballs were not allowed at break times today. Instead, we created our own to teach us to appreciate how much we actually have and to put us in the shows of others.

As a school, we have gathered to pray and to understand that through Lent we give up things, not only because Jesus made sacrifices, but also because by giving things up , we can make a difference by donating the money we save, to people and charities who need it. Thank you for all of your generosity with your donations for Family Fast Day – we have raised an amazing £277 which will help so many families around the world. 

22nd – Chris Connaughton – Storyteller

St Patrick’s have been fortunate enough to be revisited by the wonder that is Chris Connaughton. Chris visited earlier in the year and recreated Christmas stories throughout advent. Classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 were captivated when listening to Chris’ recreation of stories about the ancient Greeks and other traditional myths. These stories are a brilliant, educational experience for all children. Thank you so much for your time Chris and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

16th – Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the dog which is a symbol of bravery, loyalty, and caring for others – we hope to develop all of these qualities within St Patrick’s. To celebrate the beginning of a new year, we have been immersing ourselves into Chinese culture throughout St Patrick’s!

Our nursery children have been testing their taste buds with Chinese delicacies, whilst Class 1 and Class 2 have created dragons for a parade throughout school.  Happy New Year to all!


26th – Holocaust Memorial Day

To commemorate the anniversary of Auschwitz prisoners being freed in 1945, we are gathering today to remember the millions of people who have been killed or persecuted during such tragic times. Children throughout the school have written prayers to remember the lives that were lost, and have learnt how hatred and discrimination has no place in our world. As a school we will continue to love and care for each other to make the world a better place.



25th – Roman Exhibition at Durham University

Years 2 and 3 were fortunate enough to enjoy an educational trip to Durham University to further explore the history of the Roman Empire. They started the day off as young archaeologists, trying to uncover the secrets behind many ancient objects – some were over 2000 years old! In the afternoon, we went on a Roman journey through time exploring different artifact which gave us information on what Romans did in their everyday life, for jobs, and even for fun. Our artists had a chance to express their creative side by creating mosaic patterns in a unique Roman style. Overall it was a brilliant, fun-filled, educational day out.


24th – Cross Country Event

Classes 7-12 travelled to Stockton today to compete in a local cross country event. It was an extremely wet and muddy day, but that didn’t dampen St Patrick’s spirits. Our competitors performed their heart out and made our school extremely proud. Every child who attended is through to the next round at Preston Park – we even achieved a Year 4 Boys and Year 5 Girls 1st place. Well done to all who attended!


18th – Winter Wonderland

Key Stage 1 have been making the most of the chilly weather in the best way possible – building some snowmen! After getting wrapped up nice and warm, Class 2 and Class 4 ventured outside to build some fantastic snowmen, some even bigger than Mr Ryan! After a freezing, hard day’s work, Class 2 toasted some marshmallows on the open fire to get lovely warm again – we even got a surprise visit from Mr Conwell (he must have heard about the marshmallows!)



12th – First Aid Week

Throughout all of school, our children have been learning about how to keep safe in lots of different situations in relation to First Aid Week. Our Key Stage 1 children have been learning what to do in case you, or someone else, is in an accident and you need to keep them safe. They learnt how to make an emergency call if they needed to, and who we would need to ask for help. Key Stage 2 went one step further and were taught and practiced how to safely perform CPR and when we would need to do it. Well done to all of St Patrick’s and remember to stay safe!



1st – Donation from Teesside Philanthropic Society

We need to say a huge thank you to every one of you who voted in The Golden Giveaway, but especially to the Teesside Philanthropic Society. The Philanthropic Society have awarded us with an unbelievably generous donation of £2000, the money used is going to go towards sports equipment throughout the school. We will spend it wisely as we hope to further motivate and encourage all of our pupils to enjoy and succeed when competing in school sports. Thank you!



20th – Reception Children Baking

Reception children have been baking with members of the community who are important to St Patrick’s in Design and Technology. They developed their mixing, measuring and pouring skills to make delicious cakes to take home to their families for Christmas. Thank you, Mrs Morgan!



19th – Choir Performing at Newcastle Airport

St Patrick’s talented choir have been singing their hearts out and have been chosen to represent MFC Foundation to help with fundraising by performing Christmas Carols at Newcastle Airport. Joe Hammill, from local music group Cattle and Cane, supported our brilliant singers who brought a lovely smile to all those arriving into the airport. Happy Christmas!


19th – York Castle Museum

Year 6 children were fortunate enough to travel to York today to visit York Castle Museum and York Dungeons. They have been studying WW1 in History and have learnt about life in the trenches. By looking at primary and secondary sources, the children have gained a deeper understanding of the harsh realities that everyday families have had to endure during WW1. The thrilling dungeon trip provided a unique (and quite scary) learning experience of English history which dated back to the Vikings! Our Year 6 children are now accomplished historians on topics when it comes to the Plague, the Great Fire of London, Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin. To finish off the day, Class 11 and 12 attended Evensong at York Minster. A member of the clergy recognised how respectful and well behaved our pupils were during the daily worship.



13th – Attendance Awards

128 children have achieved 100% attendance since September. To celebrate this, they have each been awarded with selection boxes. Classes 4, 6, 7 and 10 have also been treated to a Domino’s Pizza Party for reaching 97% overall class attendance. St Patrick’s is always trying to encourage that children strive to reach their best attendance possible. Well done children!



12th – Pedestrian Training

Road Safety Officers have provided our Year 3s with essential pedestrian safety training. Children learnt about the road environment, the dangers of traffic, hazards and how to identify safe and unsafe places to cross. The children demonstrated how to cross a road safely and how to be a responsible pedestrian. They are looking forward to receiving their certificates!



7th – Gold Standard School Games Sport Award

For the second consecutive year, St Patrick’s Primary School have been awarded with the Gold Standard School Games Sporting Award. We have received this due to our excellent development of competition across the school and in the community. The children have, and will continue to enjoy participating in sporting events and competitions across the nation. Not only is this enjoyable, but also great for their health and well-being.




23rd – The next Olympic Swimming Champ! Well done Jack! 


23rd – Liverpool here we come!

22nd – Mr.Wilson was in school today to speak with the children about how they feel safe in school

17th – The boys showing off their football skills!

17th – The girls team trying their best at their first football match! Come on St. Patrick’s!

17th – Class 5 have spent today designing our own ‘pop art’ cross.

17th – Unbelievable generosity from you all yet again! a fantastic £425.52p raised for Children In Need. Thank you!

17th – Masterpiece in the making! It’s Art Week and Class 4 are having a fabulous time learning about American artist Georgia O’Keefe. We’re using pencil, paint and chalk pastels and our first try was some super-colourful versions of the famous ‘Evening Star’. 

16th – Class 10 making bird cakes today with the RSPB 

16th – Guess who is the big 50 today? Happy birthday Mr.Ryan- enjoy the celebrations

15th – Year 6 children have been creating and presenting PowerPoints on road safety. Well done!

14th – Class 6 are really enjoying their art lessons this week! We have been learning how blend colours.

10th – Our Time of Remembrance together this afternoon – 10.11.2017

10th – Christmas magic

8th – We enjoyed our maths lesson today with some children from Christ the King- thank you Mr.Foster! 

7th – Matilda using her reading book to draw Manga characters at home. Absolutely fantastic detail! Well done Matilda

3rd – Class 10 enjoying their chess challenge today! Check mate! 

3rd – Class 3 welcomed Mary Grace into God’s family this morning. 

2nd – Class 7 enjoyed a wonderful reenactment of a baptism-congratulations to the parents and Godparents and welcome little one into God’s family! 

1st – Class 3 celebrated All Saints Day with a liturgy, and we prayed to the saints for all our loved ones in heaven.

1st – A lovely All Saint’s Day celebrated with children and parishioners at Christ the King today. Well done to our wonderful choir!



31st – Thank you to Mrs.Din for coming into school to talk to us about the Sahara Kenya Project! 

20th – Farewell to The Robson Family- good luck on your new travels and thank you for our goodies!!! 

19th – Huge thanks to our families who generously gave food to our Harvest Festival.Thanks to Mary Frankland she made sure those who need it get it 

19th – Happy Diwali to our Hindu community!




19th – Class 8 looked at real reindeer fur and a wooden hunters cup from Norway. 


19th – Class 9 loved learning how to count in Greek and trying feta cheese and olives! 

18th – Practising the perfect rugby stance

12th – We have one budding photographer in our school! Well Done J for getting your work published in the Gazette! 

11th –  Science – Doing star jumps and sit-ups in science to investigate the effects of exercise on our pulse rates.
9th – A beautiful Autumn walk for Class 3 today. 
6th – Studying World War One – a creative and thoughtful way of remembering those who died in the war. Well done! 6.10.2017
4th – The choir with the Pearl of Africa choir this afternoon! We learnt a great dance and a beautiful song. 
4th Class 4 have been thinking about their worries.Using Jigsaw Jo they were able to say their worry, the balloon was the worry,which flew away 
4th – Farewell to a true man of God! Thank you Fr.Michael and good luck in your new parish! Slainte!
3rd – Well done girls! The boys have got competition. Tea-bags for sand-bags and papier mache for the trench-brilliant idea! 3.10.207
2nd – Congratulations to all of the children who have completed the Summer Reading Challenge at Thornaby library. Well done!