Welcome to Class 9

We are a class of Year 4 and 5 children. Our teacher is Miss Dowson and our teaching assistants are Miss Quigley and Mrs Hammill

In our class we love learning new things! We like to impress our teachers by trying our best and by being independent learners. Our teachers encourage us to grow in confidence by completing tasks independently and take more responsibility for our work.

We have lots of wonderful things planned this year so please keep checking our website and newsletters to find out more.

God Bless.
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Miss Quigley – Teaching Assistant

Amazing Africa

Children created their very own African tribal masks in class 9! They chose colours that represented themselves and created their own patterns which they sketched very carefully on to their masks.


Fire Safety Training

A lady called Angela form Cleveland Fire Brigade came in this week to teach us all how to keep ourselves and others safe in our homes and in our community.

We could see on a map where exactly our Local Fire Brigade’s covered.

Did you know that Thornaby’s Fire Brigade only has 2 working fire engines but also has a boat at the station in case anyone gets into trouble on the River Tees.

We watch a safety dvd part 1 – what not to do and part 2 of what should have been done to keep safe. We all enjoyed watching the antics of the fire hydrants.

Next we had to sort out and place a fire on the pictures that we thought were a fire hazard.

The Year 5 children were taught about not overloading plug sockets and what in 2017-2018 caused the most fires in our area.

Did you know that this changes from year to year!

We looked at bedroom dangers – there are 11 in total on this picture, could you spot them all?

We looked at bedroom dangers – there are 11 in total on this picture, could you spot them all?

Next we watched a video, showing how a family’s fire escape plan helped to save their lives.

We then talked about Anti-Social Behaviour and we did mind maps to show what we already knew about this and we were very surprised when it covered a lot of things we hadn’t thought about.

We thanked Miss Angela for coming into our class and giving us a lot to think about and to talk to our parents about keeping us all safe at home and in our community.


Stay and Pray

Class 9 children invited their family and friends to join them in a special liturgy. The children created their own bidding prayers and led the liturgy.