Welcome to Class 5 – Year 2

We are ready for an exciting year in Class 5. We are now in Year 2 and the oldest children in Key Stage 1. Our teacher this year is Miss Degnan and our teaching assistant is Mrs Lacy. This year PE is on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday afternoon, but please ensure PE kits are kept in school all week as this may change. Our PE kit is a white t-shirt, black shorts and black plimsolls. All children should have a water bottle in school, which needs to be taken home, washed and filled every night.

We are especially looking forward to being role models for our younger friends in the infants. Our Mathematics and English topics are going to be fun and challenging, and we are aiming to try and produce our best work in each lesson. To help your child to become more fluent with their reading and develop a love of books, we encourage the children to read every night. Each week, we will send home 2 story bears, Matilda and George, for your children to enjoy their favourite books with over the weekend. We can’t wait to hear what your favourite story books are!

At the end of this year, the children will be doing the national statutory assessments in reading, writing and maths (Key Stage One SATs). We find that year after year, the children really enjoy them as they are well prepared. We will update you on your child’s progress at parents’ evenings, but if you have any questions or concerns please speak to Miss Degnan or Mrs Lacy at the end of the day.

Our aim in Class 5 is to make sure that every child gets the support that they need and that every child experiences a rich curriculum to help them develop their talents. We have created our own class rules and have decided that we are going to try our best this year to make sure everyone in the class is happy and is able to achieve their best.

As our children are now the oldest in Key Stage 1, we will encourage them to complete more of their work independently. We ask children to remember their own belongings, such as our reading packets/bag, homework and PE kit. We enjoy celebrating achievement in our class and these will be shared in weekly assemblies and through our twitter page.

Thank you for reading our class page and God bless.


Wonderful things happen in Class 5…

We are children of God…

We celebrate and pray each day. We know that God is always with us and that He is by our side.

We plan our own prayers to say when we spend time with God.

The work in our RE books is beautiful too! We have been thinking about the Creation Story and how God wants us to be stewards of creation.

We love computing…

We thought about how to keep safe on the internet by keeping information private and speaking to adults if we are unsure or unhappy.

We have learnt how to use different software or programs to send emails, build games and create animations.

We are artists…

We have drawn pictures of ourselves, so we can look back at what we were like at the start of Class 5.

We are going to be looking at Vincent Van Gogh’s work, particularly The Starry Night painting in art.

We are writers…

We have started to use lots of adjectives and conjunctions in our writing to make it more interesting. We are practising joining letters, spelling key words and using capital letters and full stops correctly.

We have been reading books about Traditional Tales. Keep checking twitter for examples of our work.

We are mathematicians…

We are learning lots of new things in maths. We are getting really good at adding and taking away in different ways using our knowledge of place value.

We love to use practical equipment to help us with our maths.

We are scientists…

We are learning about life cycles, food chains and how animals will change when they grow. We are using our school pet to think about what things animals need to survive.

We have also had some interesting visitors in Class 5:

We have been looking at what animals need to survive with a little help from our school’s tortoise.

We know how to keep our bodies healthy. We looked at the different food groups and how they affect our body. We also know which foods belong to which food group and can design a healthy balanced meal.

We are Historians…

We have looked at the Space Race and learnt about the first moon landing. We looked at the life of astronauts in the past and in the present.

We have been learning about Henry VIII and his wives. We have used our research skills to find out more about him.

We are Geographers…

We are looking at ‘Thornaby from the Skies’ in Geography. We have been looking at aerial view photographs of our local area and have been identifying the key features of our town.

We’ve also been on a walk around our local area to identify the human and physical features to use on our map of Lanehouse Road. See Twitter for our photos!

At Christmas time, we helped Santa’s elves find their way out of the snow maze using compass directions.

We are musicians…

We enjoy singing a range of songs and thinking about the instruments used in each one. We have also been learning how to keep the beat in songs and play instruments.


We are athletes…

We have been learning lots of new things in our PE lessons. We have learnt how to hold a rugby ball correctly and change direction and speed to dodge opponents. We’ve looked at dribbling in basketball and in hockey.

We have also learnt how to perform a routine in Gymnastics. We know how to forward roll, teddy bear roll and hold several positions.

We can speak different languages…

We have been learning how to say ‘hello’, ‘what are you called?’, ‘my name is’ and ‘goodbye’ in French. We can also count up to ten in French and have simple conversations with our partners.

See us in action on Twitter:

French Greetings


We had fun on European Languages Day learning lots of new German words. We have learnt how to say ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and ‘how are you?’.

Keep checking our school twitter page for more updates.

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