Welcome to Year 1

Miss Hobson and Mrs. Presgrave would like to warmly welcome you to Year 1

We are always busy in Year 1 learning new and exciting things. We know that happy children learn best and so we strive to help the children to feel secure and happy in their learning environment. As the children grow and learn we use the fruits of the Holy Spirit to help them live their lives just like Jesus. We encourage the children to be the best they can be by being actively involved in a wide variety of learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Physical Education

PE is on a Wednesday and a Friday so please remember to bring PE Kits in to school on a Monday, and take them home on a Friday (white tops/black shorts and black plimsolls).


Listening to stories with your child and regular support with their reading book is very important, thank you for your continued support. The children will also be given homework on a Tuesday, which is to be returned to school the following Monday. This will include weekly spellings, and either a piece of English or Maths to consolidate what the children have learnt in school that week.

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your support.


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Class 3 2018-2019

We love learning new things in Year 1.

Welcome to the Year 1 Children

We gather together in prayer to talk to Jesus



We went on a lovely Autumn walk to Thornaby Cemetery

We enjoyed a visit to Beamish Open Air Museum learn about Victorians.

In the month of October we remember and honour Our Lady

We have been learning about Baptism and how it is an invitation to be a part of God’s family


Our Nativity – The Angel Express

A real superhero visited our class today, he was called Paddy Power

We love to investigate in Science

We Learnt all about the artist, Doug Hyde, and we painted our own versions of his painting ‘Is it a Bird?’ Is it a Plane’

We had a great time on our Autumn walk to Thornaby Cemetery. We saw lots of beautiful coloured leaves; red, brown, yellow and orange. We had to walk very slowly and quietly while we were squirrel hunting. We spotted lots of squirrels running up the trees! We made Autumn rainbows using different coloured leaves, bark and berries. On our scavenger hunt we had to find conkers, acorns, leaves, insects and a Y shaped stick. As part of our walk we had to use our senses. We made an Autumn cocktail using mud, leaves and berries. We loved the ‘earthy’ smell it created. After a chilly, but lovely crisp morning walk, we enjoyed a nice hot chocolate in school to warm us up!

We loved learning all about Italy, and the culture of the country. We learnt how to say hello and goodbye in Italian, and how to count to ten. Our favourite part of the day was tasting the delicious Italian ice-creams.


Five a day, five a day,
Keep you fit in every way.
Fruit and veg are good to eat,
Healthy food can be a treat!

We had a real treat designing and making our own fruit kebabs for our healthy eating topic in D.T. What is your favourite fruit?



We welcomed Mary Grace into God’s family. The priest, parents and godparents made the sign of the cross on her forehead. The priest baptised her using the words; I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. We used the oil of Chrism, and the godparents wrapped her in a white shawl. Mary Grace was given a very special baptism candle to remind her that Jesus is the light of the world.


Stay and Pray

We had a beautiful liturgy with our family this morning. In November, we remember all the people we love that have gone to heaven, and all the soldiers that gave their today for our tomorrow. We remembered these people especially in our prayers today.


Today, we donated some of our own pocket money to children who need it more than us, and we remembered all the children in our prayers. We gave thanks to God for our families, homes, clothes, food, school and our health.


Beamish Open Air Museum

We have been learning about Victorians in our History lessons, and so we visited Beamish open air museum. We dressed up as Victorian school children, their uniform was very different to ours. In Beamish we went to the school, and we experienced a real Victorian lesson. The teacher was very strict, we had to call her Ma’am and we were not allowed to speak unless she spoke to us. The girls and boys had to line up separately, and inside the classroom we had to sit on separate sides, the benches were hard and wooden. We used a slate board to practise our handwriting and our two times tables. We really enjoyed the day, but we decided that we much prefer our school with our lovely bright classrooms, we are glad we are not Victorian children!

Who is Your Favourite Artist?
Doug Hyde

We have been looking at paintings by Doug Hyde. All of his paintings are very similar, and feature the same characters. They are simple shapes and colours. His paintings show a range of feelings. One of our favourites was ‘Lollipop’. We drew our own interpretation of this painting, experimented with colour mixing, and then we painted our own lollipop masterpieces.



We retold the Nativity story to our family and friends. Mary and Joseph had to travel a long way to reach Bethlehem, but there was no room for them to stay. Baby Jesus was born in a cold, dark stable even though he was a king.


Emergency First Aid

We have been learning how to keep ourselves, and others safe in emergency situations. We now know how to keep someone comfortable in an accident while making a 999 call to the emergency services.

  • Ask the person if they are okay – check for response
  • Move any danger around them
  • Call for help – ring 999
  • Explain to the operator what emergency service you would like, and what has happened. Tell them where you are.
  • Keep the person warm using a blanket or a coat,

as they will be in shock

  • Keep talking to the person who is injured while you wait for the emergency services to arrive