Hello and a warm welcome to you from Class 11.

Our class teacher is Mr Barber and our teaching assistants are Mrs Horner, Mrs Godwin and Mrs Hammill. They have already said that they have been very impressed with us and that they are really looking forward to helping us to learn this year. We are very excited about the year ahead: it will be challenging; a lot of fun and hopefully a year that we will never forget – particularly since for some of us this will be our last year at St Patrick’s!

If you want to find out what we will be learning about each term you will find really useful information on our curriculum newsletters. They will be on our school website too. If you ever have any questions about what is going on at school or in Class 11 simply speak to Mr Barber, Mrs Horner or Mrs Barber – they would love to be able to help answer your questions.

God Bless. From all of us in Class 11!

Class 11 and 12 Autumn Newsletter


We welcome back our children as you begin your year in Class 11!

You all look very smart..


Making a difference-

Some of our Mini Vinnie group have launched the Poppy Appeal.



Exciting Science experiments –

Cass 11 have been learning about the components of blood and their functions.


Learning the digestive system –

Class 11 made their own working digestive system- with some disgusting results.


History of our area –

Class 11 enjoyed their WW2 tour of Thornaby. Here they are visiting The Airman Statue.

‘Lest we forget’



Orienteering with class 11!

Class 11 have been using the orienteering course to create a timeline of battles and wars!



Out of school activities –

Class 11 have some very talented children who take part in sports out of school!




A friendly face-

Class 11 had a very special guest as inspiration for their art work.

We work together,
We play together,
We laugh together,
WeΒ prayΒ together,
We help each other,
To be our best,
We are God’s children,
We are blessed!